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  1. Just curious, I had the students make their own ALS interface. It seems like it could be easily attached to an AXI port for reading. Is there a good tutorial on how to add your IP to a Block design that uses a Digilent board file? For instance it would be awesome if I could just assign it to the JB port as if it were a custom PMOD. I was also looking for a good reference on how to add software drivers for custom IP blocks and a summary on how the BSP packaged is organized to make it easier to find important information. Thank you again, Jennifer
  2. This is a very helpful link, I indeed ended up doing something very similar except when I made the port external, it did not automatically update the wrapper like I had expected and the pins did not show up after on the design through the normal process of validating. I ended up having to click Generate Block Design to force the new IO to show up and then manually add the jb pins to the wrapper. I am not sure what went wrong but feel uneasy about asking students to make these manual changes. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, I am using a Block Design for a Basys3 board on Vivado 2020.2. Is there a way using the AXI GPIO IP from Xilinx to connect directly to the JB pins so that the Microblaze can toggle pins on the port? I have a GPIO IP block down connected to pins named jb but they are not making it to my top level desin. Thank you, Jennifer
  4. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the AMP2 module with the Vitis 2020.2 . I successfully generated a bitstream and exported the hardware. I can see the IP show up in Vitis but the bspinclude directory does not get generated and so the include file are not found. Other sources on line indicate they have had similar issues with other custom IP but do not say how to fix it other than to remove the IP. I am teaching a course and really wanted to use the PMOD AMP2. I don't have much time to figure this out. Does AMP2 work with Vitis 2020.2? Any ideas?
  5. Hi, I am putting together a lab for a course using the AMP2 PMOD with a Basys3. I am hoping to use it with the IP Integrator. Does IP exist for AMP2? I have some students in China that say AMP2 is out of stock and want to use AMP3 instead? Is AMP3 compatible with Basys3 board? Is there a list of PMODS supported by Basys3 and weather they have IP that can be used in Vivado IP Integrator already working? Thank you