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  1. 32768hertz

    Cmod A7-15T PCIe

    This is a good idea, I was completely focus on my PCIe obsession, that I ignored everything else. Thank you.
  2. 32768hertz

    Cmod A7-15T PCIe

    In a way this is all I want at the moment. The short story is that I use to make some ISA computer boards for fun prepare for disappointment I even got to make my own designs. Now I'm trying my luck with PCIe, or I wish to. I got zero experience with FPGA, so my thinking was to find the cheapest development board that I can find, that contains an FPGA who support a PCIe endpoint, even if a board itself is not made for that. Learn on it, from "blinky LED" to a level when I can understand how to implement an PCIe. I'm not at the level to even look at Starter Platform for OpenVINO™ Toolkit,
  3. 32768hertz

    Cmod A7-15T PCIe

    Before I buy it, I need to ask... on Cmod A7-15T, PCI Express can be implemented? I know I cant stick it in a computer as it is, but just to learn how to do it, even if I need to wire Cmod A7-15T to the computer mainboard manually. And by PCIe I mean: 7 Series Integrated Block for PCI Express IP, from Xilinx Vivado.