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  1. I changed the power supply and now the second board I purchased works. The first board does not work. I think there is a hardware issue. Can anyone form digilent respond?
  2. The FPGA probe show correct signal. I send the PWM output to an LED and it blinks. So everything is correct for the design. For some reason sometime analog signal appeared in output of audio output and sometimes is absent.
  3. I am trying to generate a signal off the audio output of pynq z1. For a while, I had a board and it was working fine. Then suddenly it stopped working. I tested everything is ok. I send the right PWM signal to the output. But no analog signal is detected from the audio output. I thought maybe the board hardware is damaged. So I buy a new board. But still I cannot get any analog signal from audio output. Any clue what may be the problem?
  4. I just got the Eclypse z7 board. Installed Vivado 2019.1 and built and compiled DAC demo. When I try to program the FPGA I get a message done pin is not high on target fpga. I tried making a simple hello world program and it give me same message although it print the0 "hello world" message on the UART terminal. But I do not see any output on DAC. Any clue what might be the problem.
  5. I also have the same problem with AD5. Is there any update on this?
  6. Is there any quick fix I can do myself?
  7. Hi, I am facing this problem. Is there a fix for PMOD AD5 IP. Thanks Payam