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  1. Thank you JColvin! I can match that capitalization style no problem. Appreciate the help!
  2. Hello Digilent! I'm an assistant professor of EE at a small teaching university. I'm redeveloping our circuits sequence labs to be a very experiential, transducer-heavy set of labs all built around the AD2 and NI-Multisim. Lots of DC motors, piezo transducers, visible spectrum phototransistors, etc. We are hoping to publish a lab manual at some point in the future. I've got the Fritzing AD2 image in one lab and the entire thing is totally saturated with screenshots of Waveforms showing how to run the experiments. What copyright issues might I run into here; I'm not an IP lawyer so I'd just li
  3. I'm prototyping some small relay/solenoid labs for my students with the AD2. Anyone know how resilient the power pins are to inductive kick? I assume there's a zener clamp in there somewhere but can't find the answer in the specs documentation.
  4. Power mosfets can take a lot of punishment, and most of them are well behaved up into the upper kilohertz without it being a big problem. You'll probably need to build yourself a gate driver since the output current from the AD2's waveform generator is pretty meager, not enough to drive big power mosfets at high frequencies, they can need regular size amps of current to charge the gate quickly. So your block diagram probably looks something like AD2->gate driver->amplifier->load.