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  1. Thanks for your advice. I have been in touch with the PS manufacturer and they have confirmed that there is an issue with the supply. I also believe that this is not an uncommon design problem with switching supplies. So I have returned it and will consider a purely linear supply in future. In electronics you really do get what you pay for.
  2. My newly acquired DC regulated switching power supply (Chinese) appears to be sending noise back through my main AC line. I use this power supply to power circuits under test. This is causing interference on both my laptop computer and my AD2 that I run off of it. All of these devices (Power supply, laptop & AD2) are all connected to the same surge-protected power bar to ensure that they all have the same ground potential and to minimize ground loops. Plugging the laptop and AD2 into a different outlet/circuit does not fix the problem. The noise seems to be circulating through my entire AC