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  1. Hello, i am a analog discovery user and i love the device very much but i am looking for more speed and function. ok now i am proposing a system that digilent should make,lets name it analog discovery 3. i really want more speed,better SDR and a JTAG port inbuilt instrument.
  2. it would be great if you launch the analog discovery 3:D with 3 channel  and 3 AWG.  this would be very useful in electrical engineering and power measurement . i got this idea while working on BLDC motor.

    does analog discovery 2  uses same FPGA as analog discovery 1?? 

    1. attila


      Yes, it uses the same FPGA.
      The improvements in AD2 are: stronger USB plug, auxiliary supply, adjustable power supplies providing more current, enclosure.

  3. use ACS 712 hall effect curr entsensor IC to mesure the current. here take a look at my video
  4. can this circuit be used to measure high volt in analog discovery. pros and con????
  5. now i want to measure the temperature using K- type thermocouple. any help.
  6. i have installed 2015a MATLAB 64 bit . It works. may be its a internet problem
  7. Would it help if we replace the plastic encloser of analog discovery with metallic enclosure
  8. can i measure high voltage i.e 300 volt or more using homemade voltage divider rather than buying a costly 100x attenuator probe . what are advantages and disadvantages of it????
  9. is it possible to measure the power factor using analog discovery
  10. What are external trigger and how are they used in oscilloscope?
  11. what if you connect 100X attenuator probe across a circuit breaker electrodes and then measure it. i think can measure