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  1. So I used the files in this link "" and the linux doesn't even boot. What I did: I put "BOOT.bin and image.ub" from "Petalinux-Arty-Z7-10-2017.2-1/Arty-Z7-10/pre-built/linux/images" to my SD card. Have you tested this demo?
  2. Ok, I tested and it DIDN'T work. Following I have described my procedure. Maybe I am doing something wrong: 1- I updated the "system-top.dts" in "subsystems/linux/configs/device-tree/" with your "system.dts". [the Petalinux manual says for changing device tree, that "system-top.dts" needed to be changed]. In addition, I updated the local-mac-address property with the MAC address found on the white sticker on the board (which is "00 18 3E ...") 2- I then ran "petalinux-build" to rebuild the image. After that I ran this command "/gits/linux-xlnx/scripts/dtc/dtc -I dtb -O dts -o devicetree.dts system.dtb" to double check the device tree. After that I put the BOOT.bin and image.ub on the sd card, and boot the Linux. when I check the "ifconfig" the MAC is something totally different (is "00:0A:35:00..."), also the USB is not still working.
  3. Yes. I have connected the JP2. I tried my system in both situations (whether connected or not)
  4. No...There are no pins there for connection, so I haven't done that.
  5. Sure. I found the device tree files (attached to this post) in this path : <project root file directory>/build/linux/device-tree/autogen_device_tree zynq-7000.dtsi system.dts skeleton.dtsi pl.dtsi pcw.dtsi device-tree.mss
  6. Ok, I look forward to see your results
  7. Hello I just received my Zybo Z7-10 board a few days ago, and have been working on it. I think the USB type A (the USB OTG) is not working. Because I have plugged a simple flash memory with a LED on its back and when I plug it, its LED doesn't turn on. I have another FPGA board "Basys3", and if I plug my flash memory, the back LED on flash memory turns on. I have implemented a Petalinux on the board and it cannot also recognize that USB when I plug it. I have also tested the USB A voltage pins,the voltage between the far right and left pins, and the voltage difference is zero which has to be around 5 volt. Since the warranty time is 30 days, I was wondering if one of the technicians could help me whats going on and if the board is defective. Thank you
  8. Hello Ulvarg, I am having the same problem. What do you mean by enabling clock pin? if you mean writing set property commands, can you write them here to show me?