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  1. I have root caused the slow enumeration time to a USB-to-FTDI board connected to the 2 desktop machines with slow enumeration. With that USB connection unplugged completely, enumeration takes ~0.6 seconds (seems to vary per Digilent pod), which is in-line with your results and my testing of ~0.3sec. But, once this other device is plugged it (but has not sent any traffic yet), the enumeration increases by 2X. Once the other device has been used once (it is necessary for a pre-requisite step to our Digilent application, so removing the connection is not an option), the enumeration time incr
  2. The Adept runtime is the same for all machines -- version 2.20.2. Is it worth updating to 2.21.2? As another data point, I tried with a completely different Digilent and PC, and got a 3sec enumeration time. I will try swapping the 0.3 sec Digilent onto a machine that currently has a 3-6 sec enumeration time, but it seems odd that something like this would be pod-specific
  3. Two setups are individuals' laptops, and the third (slow enumeration) is a desktop PC in our lab. They are all running Windows 10, and the same versions of WaveFormsSDK -- DWF 3.14.3 How do I check the Adept runtime version? I have not tried swapping the Digilents themselves, but I can certainly do that.
  4. Hello, I have 3 Digital Discoveries all connected to various Windows 10 PCs and using the WaveformsSDK via Python API. On 2 out of 3 setups, when I run the example provided, it completes in ~0.3 sec. On the 3rd setup, it takes about 6 sec to enumerate the device. cmd /c python -m cProfile "C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveFormsSDK\samples\py\" 1 6.136 6.136 6.151 6.151<module>) This also holds true when trying to connect to a device automatically via: self.hdwf = c_int() self.dwf.FDwfDevice