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  1. Hello Sai. I can't quite decode your English so I'm taking a wild guess. You say the zybo has sent data but the PC cannot receive it. Check your UART settings, with some luck they're just mismatched. You might find this useful.
  2. Thank you, I forgot about Tera term. It seems my COM settings were reverted to 9600 somehow. Once I set back Tera Term to 115200 it worked just fine. I'd like to know what happened and how to permanently fix it but all things considered I'll just follow your suggestion, the terminals in Vitis are unconvenient anyway.
  3. I don't know what happened. A few days ago - at the time I was using Vitis+Vivado 2019.2 - I launched a debug session and the Console had no output to be seen. I imagined I selected the wrong console: the zynq seems to export two terminals "TCF Debug Virtual Terminal - ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore #0" and "TCF Debug Virtual Terminal - ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore #1". Bummer. I was on the right console. There was no output anywhere. I checked the settings. At first, I couldn't notice anything wrong. I eventually went nuclear and decided to upgrade to 2020.2. A very bad idea. I eventua
  4. I can help! I suspect Vitis supports 7Z020 just like everything else which is... close to nothing at all. The bottom line is the hardware is to be exported by vivado as .xst specification with bitstream and then imported as a base system platform project. Then, an "application" project can be built on top of it. If it doesn't make sense after digging the intertubes I found this. I haven't explored multi-core yet; I'm not quite interested for the time being.
  5. Hi! I appreciate condensing the introductory posts into a sticky thread and I figured I can write some as well. When someone asks me what I do I answer "software, for the people". It is a broad simplification. I've historically been on the edge of computing for a while and I got in GPU computing really early. FPGAs have always been a curiosity. I managed to get an Arty Z7 only recently and I occasionally play with it when my day job "bubbles". So far, I have been enjoying it greatly as "I can haz my pipelines back"! I have signed to this forum as I plan to ask more info on this