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  1. damrr

    utc time to epoch time

    Hi, i am working on gps to parsing nmea data from gps receiver through uart. i need to convert result (gga) of utc time to epoch time. i am looking for calculation part how to convert. thanks for advance
  2. damrr

    GPS design

    Please find nmea format data
  3. damrr

    GPS design

    Hi, I have implemented gps to parsing nmea data from gps receiver through uart Interface. But the problem is I am getting $gntxt 01,01,01 getting more than 100 frame errors and uart rx was disabled. and one more thing is is there any way to do without using zync ultra scale processor. Please check attached snapshots of block design and nmea format. Thanks
  4. damrr

    GPS nmea data

    hi, i have implemented C language code to displayed the satellite information in the form of nmea($GNGGA) in my pc through uart interface. problem is i am not getting full format of $gngga values some values were skipped. one more thing is i need to develop this project without using zync ultra scale processor. is there any way to do please find below attached link for gps. thanks in advance.. http://www.labbookpages.co.uk/electronics/gumstix/gps.html gps
  5. damrr

    GPS design

    thanks for replay.. i am good at writing verilog code . but i needed some logic to how to get the NMEA results from gps receiver. thanks.
  6. damrr

    GPS design

    Hi, i need to implement FPGA-based offline tracking system by parsing the GPS data using Verilog Hardware Description Language (Verilog HDL) i have to display NMEA results from GPS receiver through UART Port. i have no idea how to design using verilog. please help me. thanks in advance