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  1. Hi @JColvin, Thanks for your support. Regarding the declaration of conformity transmitted, I expected to have the reference to EMC standards? (As mention on the joined document) Could you checked these with your technical support. Thanks in advance for your reply. Yannick MOREL. Arty_CE.pdf
  2. Hello, I would like to get the EU Declaration of conformity of the following component : Reference : 410-319 - Digilent Arty Artix-7 Development Board Reference : 410-229 - Digilent UNO R3 to Pmod Adapter Board Reference : 410-340 - Digilent Pmod SF3: 32 MB Serial NOR Flash I can’t find these documents in your website and forum. For information : · I have found the document for the product « Analog Discovery 2 » Thanks in advance for your reply and your support. Declaration of Conformity_Analog Discovery 2.pdf