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  1. It was a dumb question, but I'm leaving it up for other people to find the solution if they need it. Just zoom out in waveforms when you're capturing the transmission, then zoom in the look at the details afterwards, like you would with changing the scale on an oscilloscope.
  2. This is probably a stupid question, but I haven't been able to figure it out in the last week and I haven't found the answer on the forums. I have the maximum buffers set to 1k, and the device buffers set to setting 4, 16x16k for logic. I am trying to read I2C data, and the transmission is always cut off after a certain number of commands are sent. For example, I am sending a read command, then a write, then a read. Only the first read and the write appear in waveforms. I assume that this is because I do not have enough buffers. As shown in the screenshot, there are 49 buffers. I cannot i