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  1. i JColvin, Many thanks for the answer, i will look at it in details However, i changed a bit my mind and now i try to load and run "manually" a bitfile and an executable, in order to fully understand (to a certain level) the various involved stage. i push the PORB button with boot selection jumper on JTAG , then in XSCT console : targets fpga D:\\DEVPT\\VIVADO\\ZYNQ\\ARTY_Z7_LE_RETOUR\\design_1_wrapper.bit ps7_init ps7_post_config dow d:\\xilinx\\workspace\\le_retour\\debug\\le_retour.elf i get at the end : Memory write error at 0x100000. APB M
  2. Hi Takemasa, looks like we are facing the same issue although not performing the same job looks like there is a known problem with QSPI flash programming for Z7 since SDK version 2017.3 (or VITIS) but i was unable to find a clear work around (i just added a thread on the forum minutes ago) Regards Jerome
  3. Hi dear fellows, i recently received a arty Z7 board and i'm using VITIS 2020.1 despite several efforts and desperate internet research, i always get an error when i try to program the flash QSPI after project building the issue is discussed on several xilinx forum however no clear work around is provided if someone canhelp ..... Many thanks in advance Jerome console text : Downloading FSBL... Running FSBL... Finished running FSBL. ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000110, data=0x000FA220 ===== READ: ARM_PLL_CFG (0xF8000110) = 0x000FA220 =====