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  1. You solution make my board work!! I really appreciate you for your help!!
  2. Hello, I'm using Arty S7-50 boards for a lecture. By using simple edge detecting logic, I build a program which counts the number of button click. But board's button doesn't work stably such as counting twice by one click or counting increase while keep pushing the button. I applied several button denouncing logic, but can't solve the issue perfectly. So i guess buttons on the board convert its signal while while it is pressed. I have 30 boards of the same kind and they all have same problem. I'm wondering whether there is any oth
  3. Hello, I'm using zybo z7-20, Pcam 5c with vivado 2019.1 for Zybo Z7 -20 Pcam 5C Demo 2019.1 release. I followed all the steps in The program runs with no error, but I can't get the any image on the screen or the menu on the terminal. The video shows my monitor while I'm following demo instruction step. Plz let me the reason why it is not working.