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  1. snak

    ZMOD ADC AC\DC Configuration

    As per the schematic it goes with the documentation
  2. Hello In the ZMOD documentation for the AC/ DC configuration : In the source code its written: SC2_AC_DC is Ch2CouplingConfig. For DC Coupling of Channel 2 as per the documentation Ch2CouplingConfig must be given "0". But in the source code its opposite. I am bit confused with the coupling configuration settings here. Am I missing anything here. Please do clarify my understanding. Thank you.
  3. There was timing failure when ILA is used. The issue got solved . There are no timing failures now.
  4. Hello, I am trying to implement the similar design. But I coudnt Debug the ADC_DATA. I get the timing failure. Do I need to modify the constraint file? I am using the eclypse-z7/low_level_zmod_adc_dac demo project as reference. Thank you.