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  1. Hi, I tried getting some data from Logic1 using the .measure(QString) method. However for all parameters mentioned in the documentation, the method returns infinity. Below is my sample code. write_analysis is the method that I used to get the data. Note that the pin variable is passed from another method, where pin = Logic1.Channels.DIO25 or Logic1.Channels.DIO24. can I kindly know where did I go wrong ? For your necessary clarification please. Regards, Nizar.
  2. Hi I have created a working script in Waveform's script editor. However, my concern is I would need to automate the entire process. Ie: i would require a python script that can run the waveform's software then run the script from the script editor. Is there any resources or API that I can refer to? There were some python scripts given when downloading Waveforms' SDK but I don't think they address my concern ( unless I've understood them wrongly). Would appreciate if I could get some clarification on this :)