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  1. I have an update after doing some testing: I have plugged in an AC adapter into the J13 Power connector (7-13V jack) and the FPGA loads with the default project. This leads me to believe a possible error in the USB circuitry? Would this be a fair assessment? Assuming this is the case, Is there another way to program the FPGA to work around this issue? Thanks
  2. Hi @JColvin Thank you for the prompt response. When the FPGA is connected I have a red led blinking for the power indicator. I've also tried loading the jumper on JP1 and applying power but still not connecting unfortunately. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was working on an FPGA project and had the FPGA plugged in while debugging some VHDL on Xilinx when the board suddenly disconnected and I got an error on my laptop that said there was a USB power surge. Now when I plug the FPGA into my computer it connects and disconnects and I am unable to connect the board to the computer. I was hoping to try to debug any shorts of any sort, although it is tedious, but I cannot find a schematic in it's entirety. The board is fairly new (4 months max), does anyone have any suggestions for a fix or has anyone faced such an issue befor