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  1. Thanks xc6lx45. The J1 looks like fun. I like the Magic-1 too! :-) I think I'll try some (very) simple stuff on some Lattice chips. Part of what I wanted to find out is what sort of output the tools provide.
  2. Yup, that's been made clear in a variety of introductory texts! I am forewarned :-) It's more that I'd like to design using logic gates and wire-wrap -- but you can't really get the fastest logic in DIL or wire wrap sockets any more...
  3. Hi, this is my first post (after introducing myself in the New Users forum). I hope my question isn't inappropriate here... TL;DR How feasible is it to program e.g. an Artix-7 (or Spartan-6) at a "low level" wrt. instantiation, placing and routing etc? I'm just a hobbyist, indeed electronics/programming is only one of my hobbies... so I don't actually *need* to use FPGAs. I'd be doing it for fun/satisfaction/distraction. Unfortunately, I suffer from severe depression (not Corona-related) so I'm looking to *avoid* a particular sort of frustration. (ie. fighting the
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie when it comes to FPGAs, but I'm fine with micro-controllers and (ARM) assembly code. I have an old Spartan-6 board (Papilio Pro) which I never did much with :-( Now I'm investigating whether to have another go at FPGAs, in which case I'd be getting the Arty A7 board... --chris