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  1. I will try the troubleshooting. Thanks for the information. I am hoping it is something simple like intermittent connection. The device has worked on and off.
  2. OK. I did it. I think it did not detect EEPROM but I erased it and cycle it anyway. Then I did the waveforms device fix and had the same result. Thank you for your continuing help.
  3. Hi @attila That helped me get along in the process. But it did not complete the programming. I captured a sequence of screen shots to show what I did. There is one other thing to add. The first time I did the sequence you prescribed I got a bunch of messages in the terminal window that I used to start Wave forms. I did not save the messages but thought I would do the sequence again and save them. I did the sequence again and the messages did not show up. I uninstalled adept and waveforms and tried the sequence again. Still I got the same result. The messages
  4. Hi @attila Waveforms never detects the device. I always get "No device detected" When I use windows The device fix dialog recognizes the device. I select the Analog Discovery 2 Device. I then press the "program" button and it tells me "FT_EE_Program Failed". The details are shown in the screenshots above. When I use ubuntu I don't get so far. I pull up the device fix dialog and I click "find device". Then I get the following reaction. "FR_OpenEx failed". It does not give me the opportunity to program the device like windows does. Thank you for contiueing to help.
  5. Thank you for your patience. I tried a different cable once on a machine with Windows 10 and again on a machine with windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04. Both machines recognize that there is a USB device hanging on them by way of LSUSB on Linux and Device manager on windows. Is there a diagnostic or something that would help tell what is going on?
  6. OK. After it worked in the office, I went to the lab and it didn't work. I tried in the lab uninstalling and reinstalling. No go. Then I went to the office and tried again. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall adept and waveforms (this is Linux) reboot and try waveforms. Several times I tried this. No go. Occasionally it would take a few seconds for waveforms to tell me there is not device, but now it immediately tells me there is no device. I tried is on another windows machine and it tells me the same thing as the original windows machine as described above. I understand that under certain
  7. OK. It is now working with Linux. I deserve most of the blame. However, it is quite a narrow install procedure. You can do things that are very similar to the right thing and not have a clue you made a mistake until the end when it does not work. It is not as forgiving as most install procedures. Thank you for your help.
  8. I think I did as you asked. I include evidence that should demonstrate that. There is no change in the outcome. I get no device detected. When I try to detect the device manually it tells me the EEPROM is Empty. When I hit the program button it tells me the program failed. I think I have the latest driver from FTDI -2.12.28 Thank you for continuing to help me.
  9. I have struggled mightily to get my Analog Discovery 2 unit to work. I had it working a couple months ago. Then it would not work. I was using Ubuntu 18.04. I tried lsusb and it found the device. Then I tried dvad enum and it said no devices found (dvad may be the wrong command - I am doing it from memory now- it did work at the time). I uninstalled and reinstalled adept and waveforms. It worked in my office! Then I went to the lab and could not get it to work again. In desperation I switch to Windows 10. Surely it would work then. It did not work. I got the following screen which