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  1. For those that have the AD2 and what to use a external soundcard as well, is this possible ? Like to improve the SNR using a high end soundcard thanks Fabio
  2. Hi , regaring this topic I have the following doubts : 1- What is the max input voltage of external PSU ? 5V ? 2- The max ouput voltage is always +/- 5V ? 3- When using a external PSU, AD2 will the powered by the PSu instead of USB, correct ? rgds
  3. Hi , is there a way to limit the input bandwidth and change input impedance ? I see there is a dialog box but it is not avaliable for AD2 ?
  4. Yes you got it - It seems that te feature is not avaliable on AD2 - Hope that I am wrong as this is very useful tool and all major measuring systems have it.
  5. Hi Attila, I am bulding my own differential probe, so should I use 2 x 9M resistor ( one one on the + and one on the - input ) for a 10X ? I also need a 100X, that would ment a 99M resistor ? - a difficult value and I guess that such high impedance I may get into problems. On this case would be better to use a voltage divider ?
  6. Thanks xc6lx45 - you are correct , using more points will sort out the phase artifact -but on this case I am looking to see the a flat phase curve by compensating the DUT latency ( I am measuring in to out phase )
  7. Thanks Attila , I am measuring a DSP that have a 2ms latency ( propagation delay ) - I what to check the output phase of this DSP using the input as a reference . Due to the DUT ( DSP ) delay the phase isn't correct and the results are what I would expect . On other types of measuring system I am able to measure this latency and compensate on the software for example Rgsd Fabio
  8. Thanks, that was helpful, but still I am missing how to measure and input the DUT delay compensation otherwise measuring the phase response of a digital device that have a propagation delay would me misleading like the below.
  9. How can I improve the Spectrum noise floor - now it is around -90dBu and I need to get around -120dBu - I have seen on some pics on the manual with lower level noise floor.
  10. Any ideas of how to implement a CMRR measument of a diferential input analog circuitry ? Attached an ideia of IEC 602268-3 using 3 relay where " output amplifier " would be the Discovery Analog 2 and XLR the input connector of the DUT analog circuitry ( 2+ / 3- and 1 ground ) . Three measurements are done automatically by controlling the relays 1) Differential mode with 10R resistor / 2) Differential mode without 10R resistor / 3) Common mode and output of the analog circuitry is done the worst result express on dB is considered a valid one CMRR ( dB ) = 20log( Gain / Gain CM )