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  1. Hi, Actually, I was a beginner few months ago with Xilinx Vivado and attending some workshop regarding the same. The workshop was mainly based on Win10. Also, As I am running Ubuntu 20.04 could be that Vivado was not supported at that time! I was doing the same to install Vivado on Ubuntu. Hopefully, It will work fine. Anyways seems fine till now.
  2. The Linux can identify the device and driver both! Windows can not identify USB104 A7 but it can identify arty-s7!
  3. I have installed drivers and for cable_driver folder and also installed Digilent adept. I am not sure what kind of drivers are needed to upload a bitstream, as far as I know I would need to install Digilent USB to serial device drivers means FTDI "Virtual com Port" drivers. It is also available as a separate download. I have tried and installed both kinds of drivers: Available in vivado installation(I think this is same as Digilent Adept) and also saperate .exe file !
  4. I have Digilent board USB104 A7 and Arty-S7. There is a problem in my Vitis project that when I do Xilinx->Program FPGA the board can not be found. Hence, I plugged Arty-s7 board from digilent but I could see that board! I also installed the Drivers for FTPI chips as suggested in the reference manual of the board USB104 A7. Could someone tell what could be a problem? I am using Windows10 in a VM of ubuntu 20.04.
  5. Hi all, I am somewhat new to the Digilant and Vivado designs. I have created a MicroBlaze design following each step mentioned in the online tutorial. When I generate the bit-stream I get an error "Multiple Blockrun falied" and also "synth_design Error". What could I do to solve the error?
  6. You might want to create a MicroBlaze design in Vivado!!, Best, Ujjval