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  1. Hello, How do I write a clock signal or digital signal in labview to a digital port? I'm using an EExplorer and I am already using my two analog waveform ports, and I'd like to output a digital waveform and clock signal. I understand how to use the "DWF Dig Write" VI, but I need to output a high frequency clock signal. Thank you for all the help!
  2. I am using the Digilent Waveforms package for LabVIEW 2020 (32 bit) for the Electronics Explorer board. I have two related questions. I am using the "DWF Dig Read" VI, and I realize it outputs a 1D array of booleans, which I interpret as the current state of the digital lines. How do I get a kind of digital waveform and observe the digital signals over a period of time? Also, the "DWF Read and Write VIs" have a setting for the lines they are writing to/observing. I see that on my Electronics Explorer board, I have 4 digital banks. However, in the example VI for digilent in LabVIE