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  1. AWESOME! And that linux on board... But such awesome instrument will probably cost 3x more than AD2 and I will be not able to afford it :(
  2. Hi guys, Are there any plans to release new version of Analog Discovery with a bit deeper memory? It is awesome instrument, very useful even in professional work. I have found that in many cases is waaaay better than some regular low cost scopes (like my 4ch Rigol MDO where XY mode is useless, there is no way to store setup, firmware is buggy etc.). There is just one little problem: not enough sample memory. I'm forced to use Record feature sometimes when just 2x more memory could do the job. Can we expect AD3 with a bit deeper memory in near future? Probably 256k would b
  3. Thats awesome :) It would be even better if more than 2 channels could be monitored. But I realize that could be a lot of work and probably too big code changes. Ps. I just discovered beta versions with some useful features. Thank you for support and all new improvements!
  4. I think there is no simple solution for this (if you want to control AC and DC from AnalognDiscovery). You need some circuit with op-amp in differential configuration to create that voltage source. Or you can connect generator thru some transformer at Vin. It really depends how fast and acurrate that should be, what frequency and voltage ranges are required.
  5. Hi guys, In the sample Waveforms scripts I found script for uart that reads Rx and sends some data on Tx line. However I would like to read from Tx. 1. Can I spy more than 1 line of UART with script? I want to connect Analog Discovery 2 and I want to print data from Rx and Tx lines, like I do in Protocol window. 2. Can I define more than 1 UART to spy in script and print data from more than 2 UART lines?
  6. I didn't and I think this is it. One more question - is there some timer/delay that does not block main window?
  7. I have tried something similar, but when I put ReceiveArray and Print in a while loop everything looks freezed. So I came to the conclusion that script window (due to lack of async support?) is not able to print before script ends. Is that true? Or maybe there is something that can wake up that window from inside loop? I'm working with modem and communication is slow, sometimes there are few second pauses between request and response. I would like to see "live data" instead of post-mortem analysis :)
  8. Hi guys, I'm spying communication between microcontroller and modem. My Analog Discovery 2 with WaveForms does the job, but I want to filter out (or replace) some non-printable characters and continuously observe "transformed" version somewhere. I have no idea how to get data from Spy tab. Is it possible?