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  1. Hi @attila, I do not have the wire kit that you have shown above. Yes. I was able to narrow it down to the BNC Adaptor since the AD2 works well with the other BNC Adaptor that I currently have. I have tried your suggestion on isolating the issue between Scope 2 and Wavegen 2 and it seems that the issue is from the Scope 2 connector. From a glance, I do not see any cold solder or anything that would have short it. I am not sure if it is something internal of the Scope connector that might be the cause of the issue. -David A.
  2. Hi @attila, 1. The calibration for this Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) has no issue with other BNC Adaptors. I tested with 3 random BNC Adaptor that I currently had in possession. It is the reason for suspecting that it is this particular BNC Adaptor instead of the AD2. 2. What wire kit are you referring to? I currently only have AD2 with its jumper wire and USB-to-Micro-USB cable. The BNC Adaptor does not come with anything else. 3. I might try this since it is only a month since its purchase.
  3. Hi @attila, Here is the link to my hardware setup since my picture exceed what this forum can handle.
  4. HI @attila First sorry on the format. I am new on how this forum works in replying to someone on this thread. I attached 3 different screenshots. The 2nd screenshot is the wavegen where it remains the same for both CH1 and CH2 with that respective W1 and W2. For the 1st screenshot, it is from CH1 & W1 where you can see the waveform is compensated and outputting a signal. The 3rd screenshot is from CH2 and W2 with the exact setting as 1st screenshot and it does not output any waveform. If I try to zoom in, it is just pure noise.
  5. Hi, I was asked by the sales person to make a post on this forum about my issue with the BNC adaptor that I got from one of the vendor. Setup: The current setup is attaching the Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) with the BNC Adaptor. We use the Waveform software and connect the AD2 via USB to our laptop. We try to conduct a basic connectivity test by connecting the oscilloscope probe into CH1 and have it set to DC. We set the oscilloscope to 10x on the probe itself. For W1 on the BNC adaptor, we attach a BNC cable with two alligator clips (red and black). We set it to 0 ohms setti