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    USB 2.0 HS

    Thanks for the suggestion. That is the SKU number shown on the datasheet for the Digital Discovery: Portable USB Logic Analyzer and Digital Pattern Generator SKU 240-127.
  2. RomanB

    USB 2.0 HS

    Asking if this Logic Analyzer, which is specified as 800 Mbps can capture USB HS 480 Mbps digital signals. For USB FS (12 Mbps) I use a 50 Mbps Logic Analyzer, capture the traffic, then run the binary file through protocol analyzer software. The question, again, is if this device can capture 480 Mbps data on two signal lines (D+ and D-). Thanks
  3. RomanB

    USB 2.0 HS

    I would like to verify that your Digilent 240-127 will be able to capture USB 2.0 HS (480 Mb/s) bus traffic.