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  1. I am not sure if this is of any help but I have the project files for the microblaze example implementing the echo server for vivado 2015.2. You may just be able to upgrade the project to the latest version & (hopefully) it should work
  2. Just to say thanks the example located at works perfectly, after getting it working with little effort what so ever I am now going to delve into the code and get it working for what i need it for. Thanks for all the quick responses!
  3. Thank you ever so much for converting the example from the nexys4-ddr to the nexys4. I am sure this example will really help! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the link, I am looking into it now, what I have seen so far is very interesting
  5. The reference manual for the nexys4 states ‘An EDK demonstration project that properly uses the Ethernet PHY can be found on the Nexys4 product page at’. I have looked at the project page and have managed to find the UART/MIC/GPIO and factory examples but I cannot find any reference to the ethernet examples.,400,1184&Prod=NEXYS4 I have also tried searching on the website for any ethernet example(s) and could not find any. If anyone could point me to the ethernet example for the nexys4 I would very appreciative, if not any material would be very helpful. I have found this post on this forum, but could not find anything specific to the nexys 4 board. Thanks in advance