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  1. hello, i'm new in the FPGA's world and i need help. i want to write into my Genesys2 DDR3 ram a text file(sent using TeraTerm) with 200002 number at 5 digit using SDK then programming with C language but i don't know how write the program. i'm using a simple while with scanf and printf for try to print 60 numbers but only the first is correct, others are like -21xxxx . I used the block design used for the "hello world" guide in Vivado 2016.4. can you help me in some way?
  2. hi, i'm trying to install demo for genesys 2 whit vivado , following this guide ( and i only follow the vivado passage. so, for the last demo (OLED) that i found in this web site i have no problem because it don't need to use a seria terminal (tera term in my case). For others demo i have a problem: when i install the program the board is configurated but in tera term nothing appear. It recognize the serial