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  1. Hello. I had two technical questions about the new Zmod ADC 1410 and DAC 1411 (for Eclypse Z7- and Genesys ZU- Board), which I could not clarify with the help of the data sheets and documentation. 1) What is the maximum signal output and input current ? The ADC 1410 contains the AD9717, which can deliver a maximum output current of 4mA (according to data sheet). But I don't know what influence the additional circuitry has on this value. Additional question here: If the maximum output current is really only 4mA, would it be possible to increase the current to 100mA by an
  2. Hello, I have a question about the Eclypse Z7. While looking at the schematic I noticed that both the VP and the VN pin of the XADC of the Zynq are connected to ground. Does this mean that it is not possible to use it e.g. to read in an external signal with it ? Or is it connected with I/O in another way ? Or could this also be an error in the schematic ? Greetings
  3. Hello, I would have - as already indicated in the title - the following question. I just finished the Zynq book tutorials with a Zybo board. Since this was my first contact with Zynq and Vivado, so to speak, I think I still need some practice before I can start to realize my own projects. Hence the question, how can I proceed further. Are there other books or PDF or video tutorials that are designed in the same way, i.e. a step is explained that can be rebuilt or reprogrammed and the whole project is built step by step from scratch? Is there a kind of road map somewhere