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  1. Hi @JColvin Thank you for telling me information. It's all right with the way, but a different guest thinks that would be a problem, so I think it may also be better for the digilent-agent to be prepared. Thanks.
  2. Hi @JColvin If I use the offline build you gave me, I won't have this problem. However, if I use the digilent-agent, I will have this problem. Can you release the digilent-agent that includes this version? Links to my other posts
  3. Hi @JColvin Thank you very much for your quick correspondence. The problem has been solved.
  4. Hello. I'd like to use open-logger on local, but I'm in trouble because I can't shift to a measurement screen. Digilent-agent and firmware are latest, and PC OS is win10. The problem could be confirmed by more than one PC and browser. How is it settled?
  5. Hello. I got a "offline build waveformslive" and tried it out, but a preservation destination is only chart. Can't it be set as a SD card Logging?