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  1. If I do need to replace the FPGA, what is the correct part number? I see in the documentation the p/n XC6SLX16-1L, but I don't see that part number at Digi-Key. I do see the number XC6SLX16-L1CPG1961, and a few other parts with LICXXXXX that are unstocked. Will XC6SLX16-L1CPG1961 work here?
  2. Thank you Attila. I will order and replace the NC7SZ126. I hope the FPGA is OK. If the FPGA is bad, do I have any options other than scrapping the board? With the units in short supply, I would hate to do that.
  3. I recently damaged my AD2 (and my computer) by having a high voltage surge which killed the usb chip on the AD2 as well as the ferrite beads and the usb controller on the computer. I have replaced the usb chip and ferrites on the AD2, and replaced the computer. Now Waveforms recognizes that there is an AD2 connected and shows a serial number, but after a few moments Waveforms presents the error message " Device Opening Failed. The device is being used by another application. Device Programming Failed." The computer is running Linux Mint 20, and I have installed Adept V2.20.2 and Waveforms