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  1. Hi JColvin, By the way, when will the Pmod SD be updated to work for Vivado and Vitis 2020.1? Cheers!
  2. Hi JColvin, Many thanks for the two videos they are very clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately, there's still a problem in the SDK. I'm getting these errors after creating New Project Application. I notice that the Buidling Workspace process is very short compared to your video. When I regenerate BSP sources the Building Workspace process seems to not run. I think we've narrowed down the problem to the SDK now. What can I do to overcome these issues? Cheers
  3. Hi JColvin, Yes a video of the block design creation would be great! Looking forward to watching it and learning more about how to design correctly. The second Processor System Reset got put in there when I added the 31 MHz clock for the PmodSD. Should I delete one of them and route the connections from the deleted one to the remaining one? Regarding the AXI Interrupt controller, can I just delete it or do I need to delete and connect the wires connecting to it to somewhere else? I'm able to run and compile your Vivado design and compile it in the SDK. But I'd like to
  4. Hi JColvin, I used Vivado 2019.1 and Xilinx SDK 2019.1 and followed the 2020.1 guide and got the exact same errors in the SDK as mentioned above. Here is my block design from Vivado 2019.1. Could you please have a look to see if it is correct because the SDK is saying that the "MicroBlaze processor doesn't exist or is incorrectly specified". But I can't see anywhere that I've gone wrong with it. I noticed on your working archive file that you don't use the Active Low reset and have not used another 32 MHz clocking source for the PmodSD (as suggested by the 2020.1 guide). Perhap
  5. I'm a little confused about the software you used. In your second to last post you mentioned that you used Vitis to create the Vivado project archive. But in your last post you used the SDK and not Vitis to create the Vivado project archive. Would appreciate if you could clarify the appropriate tool chain. Thanks!
  6. Hi JColvin, Thanks for sending the link. So which version of Vivado and Vitis or SDK should I use to create the bitstream and run the C++ code on the hardware? Cheers!
  7. Hi JColvin, I also used the 2019 pmod library but I get exactly the same errors from the SDK. Seems like I’ve tried pretty much everything but I still can’t get the PmodSD to compile and run on the hardware. Would greatly appreciate your advice on how to go forward. Cheers!
  8. Hey there, I followed the same board design in your PDF file but still got the following error when trying to RUN the main.c file in the SDK: ------------------------------- 04:41:26 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project sd_omg **** make all Building file: ../src/main.cc Invoking: MicroBlaze g++ compiler mb-g++ -Wall -O0 -g3 -c -fmessage-length=0 -MT"src/main.o" -I../../sd_omg_bsp/microblaze_0/include -mlittle-endian -mcpu=v11.0 -mxl-soft-mul -Wl,--no-relax -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -MMD -MP -MF"src/main.d" -MT"src/main.o" -o "src/main.o" ".
  9. What about for 2019.1 since that is the version I am using and getting the compiler errors for. Is there a working Vivado 2019.1 block design with the PmodSD that I can create a wrapper from for opening in SDK?
  10. After trying to resolve a few compilation errors involving missing libraries and such I reached this error: undefined reference to `vtable for DXSPISDVOL' The error is located in the DXSPISDVOL.h file In fact the whole "class DXSPISDVOL : public DFSVOL" block of code is showing a syntax error. (In fact the same bit of code in the BSP of the archive file is also showing the same syntax error, yet it still runs). Please advise on how best to resolve this. Many thanks!
  11. Hi JColvin, Thanks for sending the tutorial for the Vivado 2020.1 pmod-ips. The two download links in the tutorial for the "v2020.1-1.zip" and "pmod_update.zip" unfortunately don't work both with 404 file not found errors. Is there another link I can download the files at? UPDATE: After setting up all the IPs according to the instructions I’m still getting the following error when app is run: —————————————— 19:56:14 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project sd_pmod_app **** make all Building file: ../src/main.cc Invoking: MicroBlaze g++ compile
  12. Hi JColvin, Thanks for sending the the archive. I can confirm that it works on my Arty A7 100 Dev board as well. Please find attached the block diagram from my Pmod file in Vivado. I noticed that you have some Mig-7 libraries in your SDK archive. I haven't implemented any Mig 7 block in my design. Could that be the reason? Thanks for your help!
  13. OK I got a little further ahead with this but still getting an error when I "Build All" the following error occurs: ../../pmod-sd_bsp/microblaze_0/include/DFATFS.h:79:10: fatal error: utility/fs_ff.h: No such file or directory The BSP Sources were regenerated before the Build All command but same error occurs. I can then execute the "Run As - Launch on Hardware" with no errors this time but nothing happens in the Uart terminal window (i.e. not seeing "It Works!). Appreciate your continued support. Cheers!
  14. Hi there, I tried to create both a C and a C++ empty project and they both had errors right after project creation: The c_proj_bsp is the empty C project and the cc_proj_bsp is the C++ project. When my design does not include any IP then I don't get these errors and the C projects are created with out any errors. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Hi JColvin, Thanks for getting back on this. I regenerated the BSP sources and "Rebuild All" from the Project menu but still getting that error. The BSP seems to indicate error right after the New Application in C is created: I've also tried adding the Pmod ENC as well and getting the same error message. Thanks again for your help. Cheers!