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  1. Hi JColvin, Thanks for the information. Would appreciate any files of any kind that I can use to better understand how to use the dram. Seems vitis needs almost 170GB to install, yikes. The instruction you refer to is about 50 steps to follow, I wish it was more simple, but thanks for the help anyway :) Regards, Mathias
  2. Hi Zygot and thanks for answering this question. Never before did I have this kind of problem, perhaps only in the FPGA world this can happen. I simply want to read and write from/to memory. Don't need to be that fast either. Although I love FPGA and such, I feel that I cannot spend months and months only to make the memory work. Microblaze is nothing I need nor want to use. I and many others would certainly appreciate any help we can get with this !
  3. Hi, I have this board and need to use DDR3. To my surprise, there are no examples whatsoever of how to use it. I have tried with MIG a couple of months back but was so disappointed about the complexity that I gave up on my project. Now I got some strength to try again. Why are there no examples of how to use the DDR3 memory on your site? Regards, Mathias