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  1. Can you please help me on this question about how to generate single signals only? One triangle and one Pulse simultaniusly in order to make only one characteristic curve of a transistor! I've been trying and i only get continuous signals of triangles and pulses! i need something like this in waveforms and how to do it in python using the sdk! What instruction is it actually in the sdk refference manual? Please your answer will be valuable! @attila
  2. Hello, i have a question on how do i generate one positive triangle pulse only, without repetition? And also how to generate on pulse only without repetition? In order to make only one charactiristic curve on a transistor!
  3. Hello, i need some help to generate I-V characteristics of a BJT transistor! I found this curve tracer written in python online: https://ez.analog.com/adieducation/university-program/b/blogs/posts/analog-discovery-bjt-curve-tracer-program?_ga=2.84481241.1511718469.1600012132-76490928.1599924282 I am reading the signal by the scope of the GUI and when i click the "Ic vs Vce" Button it doesnt seem to make any curve! It reads only a triangle signal and i need to make it DC signal in order to make the characteristic curves! But im having a hard time finding it in the cod
  4. Ok thank you! That was VERY helpful. But now if i want to use the scope to measure a voltage drop in a resistor, how to get the result of it and express on a plot everything? (vds, vgs, and Id) The Id i think is an equation to transform the voltage drop . But how to measure with the scope and use the plot to make the charactiristic curve?
  5. Hello, i need help with using the script in "WaveForms" . I dont know much about java script but i need to make a gui to put my data in there and to get the characteristic curves of a transistor! Im planning to give Vgs and Vds and measure with the scope the voltage off a resistor near the drain to calculate the Id. Then i will need to have as an output the charactiristic curve of the result. My questions are: 1) How to make tha user input in the gui the value of the channel in the wavegen? 2) How to make the gui bigger, to have many buttons and options? (ex. Set Vgs: , Set Vds: