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  1. I have to connect a Zybo 07-10 to a python 2000 imager. I only need the black and white. The imager uses lvds output and inputs. What would be the most efficient way to connect these two devices? Imager data sheet Zybo data sheet
  2. confusedengr

    Zybo 07-10

    Im am brand new at Zybo products and Fpgas as a whole. The project that I am currently working on has me using the Zybo 07-10. Using this FPGA I need to -power a device using PWM -read a temp sensor using either I2c Digital interface -and power a camera device that has two different power needs (3.3v and 1.8v) my initial thought is to use the Pmod ports but the difference in the types of Pmod ports is what is confusing me. What are the MIO, high speed, Xadc ports and what are the technical differences.