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  1. I'm trying to get an Eclypse-Z7 board to boot Linux without any changes to the files in the git repository. Tools are all 2019.1. petalinux-build works... [email protected]:~/Eclypse-Z7/os$petalinux-build [INFO] building project [INFO] generating Kconfig for project [INFO] silentconfig project [INFO] sourcing bitbake [INFO] generating plnxtool conf [INFO] generating meta-plnx-generated layer [INFO] generating machine configuration [INFO] generating bbappends for project . This may take time ! [INFO] generating u-boot configuration files [INFO] generating kerne
  2. I'm would like to use a Cora board for a project that requires Linux support for USB to UART dongles. I have been thoroughly checking the Cora schematics that are published (thanks for doing so!!!). I noticed something that is confusing. Please note the net name "USB_HOST_CLK_12M" that is connected to the REFCLK input of the USB3320. I am unable to find a matching net name anywhere in the schematic. Given that 12 MHz clock is required for the USB3320 operate properly given the REFSEL strapping, what is driving this net? Can anyone confirm that the Cora board will operat