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  1. Hi Attila, Thanks for your Answer and your Help. Labview examples for SDK and DLL calling would be really interesting. The attached vi is a modified version of ad2ww worked!.vi - i try to extend this version to analog trigger event as in the python analog Trigger example, but i was not sucessfull. Eventual wrong number format was been used or something others. Thatswhy the additional extension from me was removed. I have the requirements at this time to record 60ms. Thank you very much,
  2. Hi @attila Thanks for your answer. At this time i can do some tests and i have some results and more questions. Answers: 1. usb isolator The intona usb3 isolator works fine - burt i need to use a usb hub beetween the AD2 and the isolated usb. Other standard usb2 devices work without an issue on the intona isolator. Could it be possible that something of transmission over usb is special? Questions 2. If i try to get syncronus capture working ( possible with 1 Msps ?) i dont't know which dll function should be used. I try also to find something
  3. Hello I have some questions about the AnalogDiscovery2 , maybe they are very simple and unnecessary but I don't have the hardware due to supply shortages and wanted to clarify some issues in advance. I hope the community can help me here Thanks in advance for your support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. simultaneous acquisition of 2 analog signals: I want to acquire 2 analog signals with Labview ( 2x > 8 MSPS). The continuous acquisition time should be at least 80ms.