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  1. Hey everyone! I am considering buying a Nexys A7 100T in India (through Digilent for the academic pricing). Can someone here please guide me on the import duties if you have tried that before? From the HSN Code it looks like it is supposed to be 18% but I have heard from friends where they have even paid 50% for some electronics imports. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot @zygot for the quick and detailed reply. That makes me understand that since I am talking about two boards with the exact same FPGA, this would not be very difficult with few HDL changes as you mentioned. In some sense yes. I have worked on simulation of cores, epsecially RISC-V as a GSoC student. I won't call myself an expert but I have worked with Basys2 (+Verilog) and Altera MAX-V (+VHDL) in an internship and university course. But this has been limited to a level of undergraduate digital design course. In those days, neither I had the time to use
  3. Hello. I believe similar questions are present on the forum before mine. But I specifically want to know aside from the peripherals difference (RAM, SDCard, VGA etc.), is it ideal to assume the HDL designs (except the peripherals IP) would be compatible with both of them if one is supported by some project. For instance, lowRISC has a guide based on Nexys for its core booting Linux ( whereas SiFive E310 has been demonstrated on Arty. The LiteX project supports both the boards (at least from the code base it looks so). Can s