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  1. Hi is there any update on this topic? can we get the measurements via SDK now? what about pro 3000 series version, can I get the measurements from the SDK now? thanks
  2. When you say we could call these (like the "ACRMS" that you stated as example) from the Scripts section, it's still part of GUI right, I understand we cannot use these keywords from our C or python code, is that correct? We are planning to use the SDK to incorporate Analogue Discovery into our existing software to measure various hardware parameters. It would be great if we have libraries exposing functions to measure frequency, ACRMS (and other measurements that are chosen in the screen shot shared, but not limited to these). Does the dwf.lib include the functions for these "Defined meas
  3. thank you for your fast response. is there any document that I can look to see what I need to feed in for measurements like "ACRMS" that you provide in the example? thank you.
  4. Hi all hope you are all doing well. I need to use the SDK and measure all this measurements but apparently there are no functions to calculate for example AC RMS values to call. do i need to come up with my formula or is there any function that can return all the following values ? thank you.
  5. thank you so much for replying back, and yes now it shows correct number. I just want to know a bit more about the custom measurment you added, the rise time that measured is 25.7uSec and based on your formula it should be 25.7uSec/0.8 = 32.125uSec but in the measurement windows it shows 5.56mSec ( which is correct based on the manual measurement ), I am still confused how this formula works and I would really appreciate it if you can explain it a bit more to me. thank you.
  6. Zebel

    Rise Time

    Hi I am having problem with how AD2 measure rise time, it does not look to be correct , could you please help me to write a script to measure time between Min and Max ? Thank you.
  7. Hi I am new with AD2 and love using is so far. I need to create a measurement script to measure the time between minimum and max values. rise time function does not work correctly for my application for some reason. thank you in advance. thanks