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  1. Sorry but I couldn't replicate you problems, it worked first try for me following the exact same steps as you did. But I can recommend some things you can try to hopefully get the project working properly. First you can try resetting the output products by right-clicking the block design file and then clicking "Reset Output Products...". Then go to Tools -> Settings... -> IP, press the Clear Cache button and then click OK. Now go to the Design Runs tab, right-click on impl_1 and select Reset Runs. Do the same thing for synth_1 as well.
  2. If you want all that maybe you should check out the example projects for the Pmod ESP32 that you can find here:
  3. Hi @satvik, My guess is that you haven't set up your serial terminal correctly. I recommend you use teraterm and I'll show you how to set it up correctly using screenshots. First, make sure you select Serial and from the drop down list select the COM Port associated to your Zedboard. Next, go to Setup and choose Serial port... Set Speed to 115200 and then press New setting. Then go to Setup again and select General... In the General setup make sure to change the Language to English. Now go to Setup->Terminal... and for the New-line
  4. Hi, Sorry it took so long but we have found a fix for this problem and I'll demonstrate it using screenshots. First of all make sure you have your Block Design opened in a Tab in Vivado. Then go to File -> Export -> Block Design and save it in the default location preferably or wherever else you want. This operation generates and exports the Tcl script that can be used to recreate this block design. Now go to the Sources tab, right-click on the wrapper and select Remove File from Project..., also make sure you check the Also delete the project local file/directory fro