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  1. As part of a course I teach, we have created a magnetic levitator for the students to play with. We used to drive the levitator with NI PCIe boards, but lately we have given the students ADS units and taught LabVIEW programming. The Levitator runs in a PID loop, and while it works with the ADS is is not as stable, nor does it handle as wide a range of parameters as it did with the PCIe boards. I think this is because the service interval is now a bit over 2ms, where it used to be 1ms. All the time in the program is spent acquiring the a signal proportional to the levitated ball, t
  2. I would like to use a buffer size larger than 8192. Larger than 16384, if possible, but at least I know from Waveforms that 16384 is possible. It is easy enough to write a program using the Digilent WF VIs to acquire samples of 8192. There are hints that buffers of 16384 are possible with the SDK, and to look in the example program LabForms as to how to do this. But the scope in LabForms doesn't take samples for more than 8192. The vi F Dwf Analog In Buffer Size Set.vi or F Dwf Analog In Record Length Set.vi seem like they ought to be able to set a larger buffer, if this was possible.
  3. Assume that the scope is set up so that the horizontal trace takes a noticeable time to traverse the screen, say 100ms/div. Is there a way to clear the screen between scans? In other words (Clear screen>begin scan and slowly draw trace>end scan)> (Clear screen>begin scan and slowly draw trace>end scan)> (Clear screen>begin scan and slowly draw trace>end scan)...
  4. Thanks, attila, You are correct that it works with later version 3.14.3. It does not work with 3.12.2 which was what I was using.
  5. The name and units in a Custom Global Measurement are not obviously programmable with the script used for the measurement, but rather, need to be typed in each time. Is there a way to program them in the script? Alternately, this information could be saved in a dwf3work file, but these file do not seem to save Custom Global Measurements at all. Is there a way to save them in the dwf3work? Is this a bug?