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  1. Yes, I saw that. Clicking on it takes you to a page referencing Xylinx, FPGA, Digital programming, nothing about Waveforms or Analog Discovery. Perhaps rewording the above reference would help a lot: Linux: Adept2 is required to be installed first. Download from here ("here" has an HTML Link to the Adept2 download) Thank you.
  2. Thanks Attila, it works now. Please add a few words and clarity to the download pages, since it is not clear that Adept is required to be installed first for WF. On the Adept Page, it only talks about Digital, FPGA, and Programming. Simply stating on the Waveform download page the Adept is required to be installed first for WF and Analog Discovery/2 to the Adept download page would also be helpful. Thanks
  3. I have been trying to install Waveforms on my new Mint20 Linux installation and have downloaded it numerous times with Firefox. After download and upon trying to instal I always get the error in the screenshot