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  1. Hi @JColvin I feel so stupid, I actually tried two different cables before, but apparently both of them were charging only cables... now I can see the UART working in the demo and the JTAG connection works in VIVADO but only under windows. But that's an issue for itself. Weird is though that the petalinux version I downloaded doesn't seem to work. But at least I'm one step further. Thanks for your help! Regards, Erik [edit]: Peta Linux works now as well. The problem was that I used a gpt partition table on the sd card. As soon as I used msdos i
  2. Hi @JColvin I tried both. Power via USB and external power supply. Both with the same result. On Linux the FTDI chip was not detected. I could not see anything in dmesg and there was now /dev/ttyUSBX device created. I didn't check the Windows Device Manager. Will do that next. Thanks, Erik
  3. Hi @Ciprian thanks for the rapid reply. Much appreciated! I tried both things you proposed. First I installed the drivers on my linux machine with sudo rights. But that didn't change anything, the script output even said that it was already installed. And hence I had no luck either with the serial port nor the jtag connection via vivado. I then tried to connect the board with vivado running on a windows machine. But it was the same picture... The Hardware manager did not find any devices. So I guess the driver can be ruled out as a problem? Regards and Thanks, Erik
  4. Hello, I have a Zybo Z7-10 board, where the USB port does not seem to work at all anymore. Af far as I can remember I used it 2 Years ago and back then I could at least connect via JTAG to the Vivado HW Manager. But right now UART and JTAG do not work. I also tried the provided binary from this thread ( And even the "DONE" LED does not turn on. When I boot from QSPI and start the pre programmed demo, the board lights up and all the LEDs are flashing. So the board seems to work in general. But als durin