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  1. Hi @JColvin, I need additional information. The USB controller circuit is a black box. So how exactly would the EEPROM be accessed by a user? Also, the doc references a Digilent API. Where is the API and can a user revert the EEPROM contents to factory default?
  2. Thanks for the updated docs and the additional information, @JColvin! The docs are needed for security compliance.
  3. Hi @JColvin It looks like you only changed the last number and now it's actually an invalid part number. Can you replace all "1CSG326C" with "1CPG236C".
  4. Thanks, @JColvin. The attachments call CSG324 package but the FPGA device on the Cmod is CPG236.
  5. Hi @JColvin, any update on this?
  6. Can you please create statement of volatility docs for Cmod A7-15T and Cmod A7-35T, similar to the thread below.