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  1. Hi JColvin, Many thanks however is it possible to get the source of the dll rather than just the .dll itself? I would be interested in any version just to understand what it does and see what might be possible for using this board with the 2020 community edition.

    Also, am I right in thinking that only a single output value can be sent to each output per LINX command or is there some other command that allows a buffer of values to be sent? AnalogWrite seems to only have single sample options for 1 or N channels.


  2. Hi,

    Are the sources for the windows liblinxdevice.dll available. I have searched in several places but can only find dummy stub function type source files.

    I believe that chipkit WF32 is not included in Linx for the 2020 communit Labview. What makes the LINX 2014 version incompatible with the community 2020 version?

    I can talk to the board using Linx commands via the serial port but believe that buffered input/output goes through the dll when using Labview and would like to get a bit more information on what this requires.