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  1. I am trying to do Digital In recording using the DWF SDK. I am following the Python example "". I am getting the expected output from FDwfDigitalInStatus of Armed, Running, and Done and the expected data from FDwfDigitalInStatusRecord indicating that a number of data bytes are available but all I get is "0's" out of FDwfDigitalInStatusData2 even though I have verified a good signal. The signal displays fine on the Waveforms Logic Analyzer. Is there a LabVIEW example program of FDwfDigitalInStatusData2 being used? Thank you
  2. Can the Digital pins of the Analog Discovery 2 be configured with some pins being Digital IO and some pins being Digital Out and both configured and operated independently? I am having interaction between the Digital Out and the Digital IO and may be doing something wrong. Thank you
  3. I am using the AD2 on LabVIEW with dwf.dll. I am using the I2C interface on DIO bits 0 and 1 and the positive power supply. I have configured everything based on the python example code. When I set the power supply and write the I2C data, several other DIO bits go high even though they are not configured in this program. I have auto configuration enabled. I can do the same thing in WaveForms and it works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you