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  1. Glad to know it. I just followed the hands-on tutorial and don't know we also have other choices. So, you are using archlinux and Linaro Ubuntu instead of uramdisk because archlinux and Linaro Ubuntu are file system as well, am I correct? But the Linux kernel is the same, which is 3.18.0 downloaded from Github, Digilent branch. Best regards Jimmy
  2. Hey Alejandro, Thanks for your reply! Finally I solved the kernel panic problem and also patched the linux kernel with realtime patch, but I still interested in your blog. I have to say it's a great blog for the beginners even it is written in Spanish and I have some questions regarding your blog. You mentioned that in zynq_zybo.h file, the line of ramdisk should be removed because you are not going to use ramdisk. I am confusing by this because I think a ramdisk file is necessary for booting Linux, so I got a uramdisk.image.gz in my SD card. I mean, ramdisk is a kind of file system and it i
  3. Recently I tried a mainline kernel, which has the version of 3.12.50. The Preempt_RT patch can be installed perfectly but when I try to boot the kernel on ZYBO. it hands at starting kernel..... I download this kernel from https://www.kernel.org/ , and just copy the zynq_zybo.dts and .config file from https://github.com/Digilent/linux-Digilent-Dev. And how do you guys run real time Linux on Zybo? Any hints? Regards, Jimmy
  4. Hey Guys, I am trying to install a Preempt_RT patch on the linux. I downloaded the Linux kernel from github which is described in 'Embedded Linux Hands-on Tutorial': https://github.com/DigilentInc/Linux-Digilent-Dev.git . I noticed that the kernel version is 3.18.0, so I install the patch 3.18.24-rt22.patch (since there is no patch for 3.18.0). But when I try to compile the patched kernel with the configuration of full RT, I got this following errors: So I am wondering how to solve this. And I also wonder if there is anybody else trying to use a real time linux on the zybo. Regards, Jimmy
  5. I just worked this thing out. The reason is so stupid but really small enough to be ignored. If you are using Windows as a host system, remember to turn off the FIREWALL in Control Panel!!! That's the reason Why I received the packet but cannot give a response. And also, in the embedded linux I cannot ping myself on zybo, I don't why. So don't ping yourself to check the ethernet, it will NOT work. That's why I didn't consider the firewall on PC at first.
  6. I also attached the device tree file in case you guys need it. I highlighted the line which describes the Ethernet. By the way, I also checked on the Internet and noticed there is another description for Ethernet. I am not both are the same so I put it below. I think it's same but I am not sure...
  7. Big thanks to Marschall and JColvin for your replies. I checked the the /etc folders and there are only two subfolders, /dropbear and /init.d . By the way, I changed the ipv4 address of my laptop with, and then ZYBO is pingable from my laptop. But I still cannot ping my laptop from ZYBO. Regards, Jimmy
  8. Hey guys! I followed the ''Embedded Linux hands-on tutorial'' to build and run Linux on my ZYBO board. I am trying to use the Ethernet but it seems does not work correctly. Here are some informations: I connect the board and my PC (ip adr: When I ping ZYBO from my PC I got "Destination host unreachable" and "request timed out". When I ping PC from ZYBO I got "sendto: Network is unreachable". I'm using Vivado 2014.2 under Ubuntu 14.04 and didn't do any changes in addition to the tutorial. So anyone can help me with this? Thanks a lot! Best regards, JImmy