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  1. Hi, I have a doubt about the reference manual in my board. In the reference manual I have read that the board has a anti-aliasing filter and Digilent provide the next image for the pins in ADC. I am using the pins A6, A7 as entry but in the figure is possible see the next message: 1 nf capacitor is only loaded in Vp,Vn. So, if I use others pins is not place the capacitor and there is not a filter? If there is a filter which is the cut off frequency?. Thanks in advance.
  2. Don't worry, very thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi, recently i have bought the arty-z7-20 which it has a frequency clock of 125 MHz, and when I configure the ZYNQ-7000 with configuration options of this board in the PL clocks the frequency of FCLK_0 is the 100 MHz. Can I put the frequency that I want? Have I set the frequency of FCLK_0 to 125 MHz? I am not sure that frequency establish. Thanks in advantage.