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  1. I have an Analog Discovery purchased in 2014 and it is exhibiting a strange detection problem. Never noticed his problem before, but then again the device has previously not been used a lot. The problem is that once the Analog Discovery is unplugged and then later plugged in again, Waveforms running my windows 7 computer will not detect it anymore. I have tried rebooting the computer, tried different USB ports, and USB cables, but that didn't work. I found that if I wait a day, and plug it in then. The Analog Discovery get detected right away, but once I unplug it and then try to plug it again I get the detection problem. Waiting several hours is not enough time, I still get the detection problem. Any advise on how to troubleshoot and solve this strange detection problem. Download new software ? Update drivers ? - I would need explicit instructions on how to do this. My request is urgent because it is needed for a class. An aside question: Should the Analog Discovery be plugged in before or after running Waveforms ? Does the order matter ? Which is preferred ? Thank You !
  2. I lost the USB cable that came with my Analog Discovery. Can I use any standard USB A to micro B cable ? If so, what cable length is recommended ?Thank You