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  1. Hi ZYgot, Thanks for your reply. I suppose , I can transfer clock along with data to form USRT to get higher data rates. Is framing required in USRT? In your suggested code I find that you are taking 4 bit input in the Transmitter and output is 8 bit wide. Is the project only for differential outputs.
  2. Hi all, I am developing a serial to parallel link for transmission of high speed digital pulses. Using UART logic on Spartan 3E boards , I am able to transfer 100 KHz pulses (8 channels) and recover them on receiver board. I am using DCM to provide 250 MHz clock to the logic. I am targeting 10-50 MHz pulses (8Channels) transmission on FPGA boards. I have some spartan 6 boards with me which can support upto 1 GHz clock using BUFPLLs. Can anyone provide a suggestion on how can I improve the speed of logic in order to achieve higher pulse frequency. Should I user ISERDE
  3. @zygot can you pls share the link of project where you have configured PS UART at 921kbps transmission? thanks How can i read the second ADC data from PMOD AD1 . I am reading the first by: data=ADC1_IP_mReadReg(XPAR_ADC1_IP_S_AXI_BASEADDR, 0); But I am unable to find reference to read the second channel.
  4. The project looks interesting, i will try this on Spartan 3 boards available with me. Can you confirm what rate could you get from this code. Can this be converted to pure serial with only single wire transmission.
  5. I hope to get some reference project on this. I have initiated it for learning ZYnq fundamentals.
  6. Thanks for your detailed answer. My feq queries are: 1) Can we have 921600 baud rate for PS. How can I use PL UART. I think PL UART can support higher baud rates. PS UART baud rate is upto 115200 only. pls correct me if I am wrong. 2) THe ADC counts is of 4 digits so 4 char/sample. I am unable to get proper reconstruction above 200 Hz signal, so I guess overall sampling is 2.7kSps. 3) I aim to develop a data acquisition system with PMOD ADC with UART/Ethernet interface. I understand that UART is not a good choice for streaming, I just used it as initial point.
  7. HI, THanks for your reply, I corrected my typo.. the actual code is correct. I am taking 128 samples at one time and transferring on UART
  8. Hi, I want to develop a acquisition and streaming system using Zedboard with AD1. Since AD1 supports 2 channel , 1MSPS rate I want to use it for fast signals. I used the sample project for interfacing AD1 with Zedboard. I am using following simple code in SDK: while (1) { for (i=0; i<128; i++) { data=ADC1_IP_mReadReg(XPAR_ADC1_IP_S_AXI_BASEADDR, 0); xil_printf("%d\r\n", data); } } The issue I am facing is that when I am changing the signal at Function Generator, the ADC signal from UART keeps on with previ