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    Nexys A7-100

    Hi Jerry, Thanks for prompt response. My reply is as below No LED22 is not lit. I checked with both microUSB and Barrel Jack with the correct Jumper setting. The result was the same both way. Yes, I have used the Prog/UART microUSB Port. Yes the on board power switch was set to the "on" position Please let me know if this indicates that the board is faulty so that I can claim my replacement / warranty.
  2. Sapna Razdan

    Nexys A7-100

    Looks like my recently purchased Nexys is not working. I plug it into my laptop's USB port. The user guide says that I should see a demo running but the board doesn't respond. Even Vivado does not recognise the board plugged in. I have tried with the provided microUSB Cable and with an AmazonBasics USB cable, both cables are working fine on other devices.